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Founded in 2012, Third Street Education Center (commonly known simply as “Third Street”) is an organization that seeks to see generations transformed by the power of the Gospel. Third Street Education Center exists as three co-equal branches - Academy, Business, and Community. Third Street Academy is a private, Christian boys academy for youth aged Pre-K through Grade 5. Third Street Business and Workforce Development seeks to incubate and launch businesses aimed at providing stable, quality work for those who are seeking a new start. Third Street Community Impact engages our neighbors and surrounding community through summer programming, extended learning programs, volunteer opportunities and adult education courses.

Currently, we provide job opportunities through Third Street Facility Services - offering residential and commercial lawn and landscaping services - and Third Street Catering. Last, but not least, Third Street Community Impact seeks to engage and connect our neighbors through service, summer programming and adult education opportunities. To learn more about Third Street or to schedule a tour, contact Heath Bowman, Director for Partnerships.


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