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The Daily Reflector has been a vital part of the life of Greenville, Pitt County and eastern North Carolina for more than a century. The company was founded in 1882 by David Jordan Whichard and Julian R. Whichard, who bought the printing equipment from the proprietor of The Express, for whom they once worked. Moving the equipment into their mother's one-room schoolhouse, the brothers began their own weekly newspaper, The Eastern Reflector. In 1885, David Jordan Whichard became sole owner and publisher of the Reflector, beginning daily publication Dec. 10, 1884.

The Daily Reflector has since expanded its coverage to all of Pitt County and the surrounding areas. The Daily Reflector prints 16,500 papers each day, including more than 11,000 home delivery subscriptions.

The Daily Reflector also administers the Newspapers in Education (NIE) Program. This program relies on contributions through fundraising efforts and sponsors. Newspapers are distributed to Pitt County Schools as well as East Carolina University and Pitt Community College through the NIE program. The NIE program promotes literacy through the use of the daily newspaper as an instructional aid in the classroom. The Daily Reflector partners with educators and local businesses to encourage literacy, to broaden students’ community and global perspectives and to equip area teachers with a powerful tool for teaching.


Local News You Can Trust. The Daily Reflector is published daily.
Greenville magazine is published quarterly and distributed as an insert in The Daily Reflector
Her magazine is published monthly and distributed at fine retailers and offices in Pitt county.
Mixer is published every other month and distributed throughout Greenville
Healthfile is published quarterly with timely feature articles.
Brew Scene is a feature publication all about craft beers.
Best of published once per year.
Special sections are published throughout the year.
The Daily Reflector is proud to recognize our veterans.