Sylvan Heights Bird Park


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Sylvan Heights Bird Park is the largest bird park in the country, and is dedicated to educating the public about the importance of conserving birds and their habitat, with a focus on waterfowl and wetlands. Visitors can get up close with more than 2,500 birds from around the world in large free-flight aviaries, feed parakeets in the Landing Zone, or experience North Carolina's wildlife from a new perspective in the Bird's Nest Treehouse. The park provides a world-class science and nature field trip destination for area schools. Sylvan Heights Bird Park is also home to one of the most biologically significant collections of endangered waterfowl, carrying out propagation programs for some of the most threatened species in the world.


A Scarlet Ibis at Sylvan Heights Bird Park
A young visitor feeds parakeets in the Landing Zone
Large Eurasia aviary at Sylvan Heights Bird Park
Feeding flamingos in the Landing Zone
Environmental education at Sylvan Heights
A new duckling hatches at the Avian Breeding Center
Children meet "Matilda" the Australian goose