Pitt Community College Student Government Association


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About Us

PCC SGA quick facts:

SGA serves as the student voice on campus.
SGA supports student activities such as athletic events, cookouts, blood drives, community projects, a student newsletter and curriculum activities.
Each curriculum has input into SGA by electing or appointing up to three representatives to be members of the Association.
Officers are elected from within the Association, and along with the advisors, serve on the Executive Committee.
PCC's Student Government Association is a member of the North Carolina Comprehensive Community College Student Government Association (N4CSGA).
Members are eligible to attend leadership conferences sponsored by N4CSGA and to participate on the state level.
What is the SGA?

The SGA is designed to enhance the general welfare of students and to facilitate communication between the student body, the faculty, and the administration. The SGA sponsors campus-wide student activities. These activities are funded by the student activity fee paid by students at registration.



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