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Martin-Pitt Partnership for Children brings together all the people involved families, teachers, doctors, childcare professionals, caregivers, social workers, and community partners – to ensure children have all they need for healthy growth and development.

We are a nonprofit organization that serves the birth to five population and their families. Founded in 1998, the Martin/Pitt Partnership for Children is one of 79 Smart Start partnerships in our state. MPPFC works to support parents, child care facilities, and educators through collaborative programs. The key to Smart Start’s success is the ability to leverage state, federal, and private resources in order to provide broad, direct services to children and families in Martin and Pitt Counties.

Our goal is to provide every child in Martin and Pitt Counties between the ages of birth to five the opportunity to experience a quality early childhood education. Incredible brain development occurs during the first five years of life and the Partnership funds programs that cater to this age group and their families. Your support helps us help families capitalize on early childhood experiences that build the foundation for learning.


Our new logo is now on our front door! Igoe Creative did a fantastic job.
Regional Parent Referral Counselor & Parent Outreach Coordinator Christie Martin greets guests at the 2016 Maternity Fair.