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About Us

Magnolia Place Obstetrics, Gynecology & Wellness understands that women lead terribly busy lives and juggle so much day to day. They identify with those struggles as women and remain tireless to achieve their best self as a woman, a wife, a mother, a caregiver, a friend, and any other hat we may wear in life. They understand the barriers that complicate your already busy schedule and wish to help you achieve your best health in mind, body, and spirit. Magnolia Place is a community where they will serve as your patient wellness advocate and be your cheerleader to empower you to achieve the best version of you. The Magnolia Place model will save you time and money by acting as the link to maintain integrated, comprehensive, and convenient women’s healthcare.



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Dr. Ransom Witt Loftis and Dr. Marie Stormi Rowe
Terilyn Fleming - Office Supervisor and Drs. Ransom Witt Loftis and Marie Stormi Rowe