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About Us

Founded in April 2022 by Shaun Marso and Brandon Smith, ENC Protection Group emerges as a premier Security and Investigations firm with an impressive 26 years of collective industry experience. Rooted in our unwavering commitment to unmatched security expertise, we have pioneered a distinctive approach known as the “Client-centric Partnership.” This unique framework underscores our dedication to safeguarding clients’ assets and interests with precision and care. Far beyond conventional client relationships, at ENC, you become our partner.

We take pride in delivering tailored solutions that precisely address the individual challenges faced by each partner, showcasing our profound expertise across diverse security realms. In the realm of ENC, you are not merely a “client”; you are an integral part of our collaborative journey, where our daily pursuit is to redefine service standards within our industry. Your success is inherently linked to ours, forging a genuine partnership for mutual triumph.