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We are a telecommunication consulting company who understands the multifaceted needs of the small, privately owned proprietorships or the sizeable corporation. In today’s competitive environment, it is vital for a company to secure a reliable connection at a reasonable price. It is our mission to assist companies in securing the right provider and technology solutions, thus equipping our customers with the tools necessary for company productivity and insurmountable growth.

With over 27 years of experience providing solutions, we have served verticals which include: financial, retail, manufacturing, energy, and healthcare institutions. What is the appeal of working with Constant Connection? Constant Connection will present each business with multiple service providers and various solutions, giving each customer the opportunity to tailor their services to the needs of your company.

Our unbiased, service representatives have access to multiple carriers. Each representative takes the time to explore all resources carefully, with the needs of your company at the forefront. The main objective being the determination of the best solution for your current and future telecommunication needs.



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