Blackbeard Coffee Roasters, LLC

Blackbeard Coffee Roasters, LLC


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About Us

Our new location on 5th Street is coming soon, we will be serving coffee that is handcrafted and freshly roasted.

In addition, we partner with coffee shops, restaurants, and retail stores to offer freshly roasted coffee in Eastern North Carolina and around the globe. It is our mission to continue to build a community of quality coffee sellers and buyers.

In our roaster, we provide coffees that are roasted to order and shipped weekly. For local accounts, we offer local delivery and pickup options as well. Whether you are looking for retail or bulk packaging, or retail displays for your business, Blackbeard can accommodate any need. In addition to providing fresh roasted coffee, we can provide training and assistance in brewing processes to provide your customers with the best cup of coffee they could buy.

If you are looking to add a quality coffee program to your existing business, Blackbeard Roasters can provide you with the freshest coffee available to create an enjoyable experience for your customers that makes them want to come back. Please email us for more information on how to get started.


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