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About Us

Beyond Limits Production began with a mission to aid missionaries in achieving full funding, particularly those serving in remote, technology-deprived areas who return home only every four years. Through their free funding films, they not only support their financial needs but also alleviate the stress of fundraising by effectively sharing their stories with churches worldwide in a compelling and relatable manner.

In January 2022, Beyond Limits expanded into marketing, experiencing tremendous blessings. Starting with one client, they now serve over thirty globally. Central to their approach is the “No Contracts Needed” policy, rooted in the founder, Paul's, commitment to delivering proud-worthy work without binding contracts. Paul's leadership, shaped by his service as a Sergeant in the US Marine Corps and as a SWAT Member, alongside his wife, a pediatric nurse, and their three children, anchors their values.

Since early 2023, Beyond Limits has produced successful shows like Wetland Loggers, garnering a global audience. They specialize in designing and managing websites, from basic to e-commerce, and excel in managing social media platforms, offering tailored content akin to having a dedicated social media specialist, cost-effectively. Their photographers capture impactful images that enhance brand presence, while Their graphic designers create logos and branding materials, including custom merchandise.

The team at Beyond Limits Marketing is honored to support thriving companies worldwide and eagerly anticipates the opportunity to serve yours.