Ashley-Nicole Russell, Esq.

Ashley-Nicole Russell, Esq.



About Us

Options; You have them. But what are they? If you are here, then chances are you have some important decisions to make. At ANR Law, we understand that disruptions and change can cause significant instability and uncertainty. We are here to help address your concerns, and provide solutions. Our focus is to help you, and protect your children. Our team will allow you see this transition as both manageable, and doable.

We understand that couples going through a Divorce want to protect their children, and their assets from the tremendous costs associated with traditional litigation settlements. We are dedicated in helping you stay positive in the face of adversity, and we offer a settlement model that avoids court, and the high cost of litigation if possible.

Ashley-Nicole initiated the practice of Collaborative Divorce in Eastern North Carolina. With her keen guidance, Collaborative Divorce is now an option for couples in Eastern North Carolina, and the Crystal Coast. With locations in Raleigh, Greenville and Atlantic Beach, we are close by.

Collaborative Divorce is now recognized as the preferred option for clients with children, as well as those with high net incomes. Learn more in the “about” page of our site, and discover all the options now available to you.

We stand by our Motto: Making an informed decision is always the best choice.

Are you currently experiencing conflict? If so, please understand that this matter is not insurmountable. We will guide you through this transition, and help you curate a stronger sense of self, happiness, and well being.


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